Bluegrass Elderlaw

An experienced law practice addressing the needs of each individual family member with an emphasis on the oldest generation. Bluegrass Elderlaw, PLLC is a legal practice which addresses the planning and implementation issues of becoming elderly, dealing with disability, and handling death transfers. For more information call (859) 281-0048.


Elder Law Lexington

Elder Law is an area of legal practice typically concentrating on legal counseling for aging and special needs clients. Often it involves counseling clients and their families about nursing home and long term care financing, guardianship and special needs trust planning and Veterans Benefits. 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day. Few clients have adequately planned for long term care with legal documents such as durable powers of attorney for financial and health care matters and living wills. These are the documents most important when crisis happens as a result of accidental falls, strokes or loss of caregiving spouses. Medicaid qualifying trusts can prevent the unnecessary loss of savings or the family home to Medicaid recovery. Specially designed wills can legally help save family savings while accessing Medicaid to pay for the nursing home. With the aging population expanding, it is important to discuss these matters with a qualified attorney. Elder law attorneys have concentrated their area of practice to keep current with the ever changing needs of aging clients.


D. Scott Neal Inc.

Helping you make better decisions is our passion. We can serve clients throughout the United States, simplifying your life with leading technology backed by compassion. Our passion is backed by the belief that everyone is unique, that good choices lead to better outcomes, that every problem has a solution, and that every situation can be improved. For more information call (800) 344-9098.


Legal HelpLine for Older Kentuckians

The Access to Justice Foundation hosts the Legal HelpLine for Older Kentuckians, 1-800-200-3633. For Kentuckians who are 60 and older, this HelpLine offers advice on legal issues, Medicare, and Medicaid. The Access to Justice Foundation also works to increase support for legal services and provides training for legal services staff and private attorneys who help provide free legal services in Kentucky.


Central Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service

The Central Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit public service of the Fayette County Bar Association. The program was designed to assist persons who are able to pay normal attorney fees but whose ability to locate legal representation is discouraged by a lack of experience with the legal system, insufficient information about the type of services needed and fear of the potential costs of seeking an attorney. Please call our office at 859.225.8644 to speak to a counselor between 9am and 4pm, Monday thru Friday.